[OSM-talk] overuse of highway=path

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 12:11:40 GMT 2009

> lots of footways or cycleways are even wide enought to catch 2
> 4-wheeled-vehicles next to each other but they are both still
> "path+attributes" per definition. The indication of being a path has
> nothing to do with the way's width.

Hi Mario,

IMO we don't tag ways according to their widest point, but according
to what traffic can effortlessly and legally pass along the whole

The way I read the high=path wiki entry, is that it's rare for 4
wheeled traffic to pass along it and the default for motor_vehicle
should be false. If you think the wiki is wrong, you can change it.
Please consult a few users of highway=path (which excludes me) before
doing so.


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