[OSM-talk] License plan

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Fri Feb 27 14:24:04 GMT 2009

To be clear, personal views, not the licensing work group...

Ben Laenen wrote:
> It looks like we finally got some kind of "License plan" for the step 
> towards the new license, so everyone check 
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Data_License/Implementation_Plan

Read the full announcement in all its glory:

Discussion is best on legal-talk or the avenues as per announcement.

> * why don't you split between the votes whether you like license X and 
> the question whether you're allowing the change of license on your 
> data?

Yes there is a vote for endorsement of the license. See proposed item 
31st March.

> After all, I want to have an idea *how much* of the data will still be 
> there after the second vote. If it turns out that any data from someone 
> who gave his approval would be deleted, then count me as no vote.

We do not know, it's impossible to tell yet. The very last thing any of 
us want is removal of any data. See final item in Implementation plan.

> * I still have no response to the question what would happen with my 
> data if it's derived from someone who doesn't give it's approval for a 
> license change.

What do you think will need to happen?
How about posting it here: 

> * "Website to allow users to voluntarily agree to new license. Design 
> allows you to click yes, or if you disagree a further page explaining 
> the position and asking to reconsider as there may be a requirement to 
> ultimately remove the users data. This will help stop people 
> accidentally clicking 'no'. Sign up page now states you agree to 
> license your changes under both CCBYSA and also ODbL."
> Question: how's that not pushing the new license onto the mappers?

Well we have to start somewhere... If we do not get new members to 
sign-up to both licenses during potential transition, it becomes a 
chicken and egg problem.


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