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Donald Allwright donald_allwright at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 15:53:01 GMT 2009

>Even in the UK, which follows the "sweat of the brow" principle (i.e. copyright
>can be gained through effort even without creativity), such effort needs to
>be significant.

Sorry I meant to add at the end of my previous email - what I was saying is that tracing of satellite
imagery can be significantly non-negligible, and often needs to be quite creative too. You try telling the difference between a lake and the shadow of a cloud on a very dark satellite image for example! Also, you have to make judgements as to where a lake or river ends and the land starts - it's not a simple case of where this is water, as that depends on the season, amount of rain and other factors.

>Claiming copyright over negligible works is what the RIAA, and those bunch
>of tards who are trying to stop the Kindle's text-to-speech feature, do.
>They are rightly vilified for it by people like us. We should be on the side
>of the angels, and not try and claim rights where such rights shouldn't and
>don't exist.

Yes I agree
totally with this, I think in this example a text-to-speech feature should be considered fair use (not to mention that denying this use might fall foul of anti-discrimination laws in some jurisdictions). However, I'm aware that, in the UK at least, fair use is not a well-defined concept legally.


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