[OSM-talk] License plan

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 27 16:02:41 GMT 2009


Lambertus wrote:
> Just out of curiosity: If the CC-by-SA license give the copyright to all 
> contributors, then who is to decide what stays in the database and what 
> is removed. 

Ultimately this will be the person operating the database (server). You 
can of course always operate your own database and make different decisions.

> Also who has the right to require a change to a new license? 

Nobody, but of course the database operator can say "I won't host your 
data any longer unless you agree to this".

> If we change to the new license then do we have a tool available that 
> will remind me of the bits that are going to be rolled back because of 
> my contribution being dependent on someone who did not agree to the 
> license? I would like to know which bits of my data are going to be 
> rolled back so I can edit that area again to fix it.

I think it is unfortunate that the discussion circles around this, which 
is one of weak spots of the whole process. I think it is absolutely 
clear that we cannot and will not accept the loss of a large amount of 
present-day data.

Once we have agreed to start transition to a new license then we will 
have to work very hard to get as many people on board as possible, 
convince them to agree.

We can, as Richard pointed out, surely argue our way through some things 
(minor edits that are not copyrightable etc). In those cases where we 
cannot reach the original mapper even though we have tried hard (sending 
one email is not enough), it might even be an option to document this 
process and assume the mapper is ok with relicensing unless he turns up 
later and says otherwise.

But in the end it will be a whole lot of work and we will all have to 
help. If, and the end of the whole process, we find that we'd have to 
remove half our data to be able to continue then the relicensing has 
clearly failed and must not be allowed to go on.

But I think there are many more things about the new license that 
warrant a good discussion and a close look; the "what happens to my 
data" question is, in my eyes, one of the less important points.


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