[OSM-talk] OSM 3D, featured image // OpenStreetMap 3D Germany

Alexander Zipf zipf at geographie.uni-bonn.de
Sat Feb 28 12:17:06 GMT 2009

Hi there,

as the website already says: all data, images and videos are cc-by-sa.
The software was produced mainly in another project, so  it can't be 
open source for now.
The preprocessing and resultig structure of the data is very specialized 
for our service infrastructure, database and use case and would probably 
not be of that much value for others. Only if you would set up the whole 
service infrastructure, which is a little demanding...
e.g. the processing of the Germany DEM alone (without buildings, POIs 
etc.) needed more than 1300 CPU hours processing time. Thereofre it was 
done on a computing-cluster...

Images: you can generate your own screenshots, by using the XNavigator 
client, if you have a good bandwidth and a good computer with 3D 
graphics card, Sun Java 1.6 etc. Maybe you put the ones you like best in 
a Wiki-Space?
There are some more scenic cities in Germany, like Freiburg (or smaller 
ones near the Alps) etc., we just had not time to make screenshots of 
every city in Germany ;-)
but I put some more at this place (not yet on the website)
but larger cities with lot of OSM data tend to be use more space and 
therfore are on flatter areas
and the smaller towns close to mountains may have less rich data (at 
least with resepct to the tags we use so far for this first version), 
but you can see the alps from munich etc.. maybe check also the videos.
The SRTM height data is not exaggerated at this time, so it may look a 
little flat, but that is what the srtm data says... we will have an 
option for visually exaggerating the DEM height values very soon, though.

As the processing of the DEM with integrating the streets&landuse takes 
that long please be patient for updates. We are just starting to plan 
for that. But point-like layers (POIs), labels and buildings shall be 
updated ~weekly.

This is just the very first test version and trial and of course we will 
try to improve the service and use more tags than now... we just wanted 
to get this first version running, than we can think about how to proceed.
ps. I am away from my mail until March 08, so won't be able to answer...

best whishes
alexander zipf


>/ Other than the terrain images most of the city views are pretty flat.
/>/  Maybe ask them to produce a render of somwhere with plenty of OSM data
/>/  and interesting terrain. Oh, and perhaps ask them to license that image
/>/  CC-BY-SA or something.
/>/  Cheers
/>/  Andy

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