[OSM-talk] Maritme borders

Gustav Foseid gustavf at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 11:35:01 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 3:50 AM, Thomas Wood <grand.edgemaster at gmail.com>wrote:

> In other news, I've converted the 12nm line around the UK and Ireland
> to be fully tagged, so it's now showing in its own bubble on the
> mapnik render.

In my mind, these halos around al islands, are in itself a good reason to
provide som kind of hints for renderers in tha tagging of maritime borders.
An renderer that does not want such bubbles can probably do some kind fo
magic in their copy of the database to find "boundaries more or less 12 nm
from a coast" and not render them, but it is hardly an easy operation.

 - Gustav
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