[OSM-talk] Keep Mapnik relevant

Andrew Chadwick (mailing lists) andrewc-email-lists at piffle.org
Thu Jan 1 22:53:07 GMT 2009

Chris Hill wrote:
> I notice that abandoned railways are now being rendered on Mapnik.

I've been tagging local disused pubs with disused=yes and hoping that 
the renderer will catch up with what was agreed in the wiki for some 
time now :) Unfortunately there's an increasing number of boarded-up 
pubs round here :(

So I raised


and someone else raises


so go figure. There's clearly a bit of disagreement about whether 
disused and abandoned stuff should be shown. IMO they should not, not on 
the Mapnik rendering at least. The prettiest, first-impression, 
public-facing view should only contain active services and amenities, 
ditto rail lines, roads, canals etc. because the average user will only 
care about what's relevant and useful right now.

Tongue-in-cheek suggestion: new tag, visible=yes/no or relevant=yes/no.

Andrew Chadwick

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