[OSM-talk] [Spam] Re: Invisible coastline errors in Potlatch

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Thu Jan 1 23:07:09 GMT 2009

Peter Miller wrote:
> What should one do...
> 1) Delete all features smaller than 10 meters
> 2) Keep them in a have loads of people go an investigate false problems
> 3) Make them bigger so the islands as accepted by the coastline checker
> 4) Adapt the coastline checker to that is accepts smaller islands.
> 5) Add a tag to tell the coastline checker to ignore this feature  
> because it really is a small island.
> I vote for 4), everything else is a cop-out (1 and 3) or will waste  
> lots of people time (2) or be confusing (5).

I split the circular way into two ways (east side, west side) - no more 
error and it renders properly.

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