[OSM-talk] G'o launch

JW jameswillmer at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 4 19:49:34 GMT 2009

elvin ibbotson <elvin.ibbotson <at> poco.org.uk> writes:

> The New Year saw the withdrawal of my mom application for mobile phones and
the launch of its successor, G'o. The basic version is still free and
registering as a user (for a small charge) unlocks many new and extra features.
A basic version of mom is retained, renamed MiniMom, for users unable to use G'o
which requires Java location services.

Following the helpful comment in the 2nd post about the download directory being
wrong i was able to dowload and install the .jad on my blackberry curve phone
(integrated gps)

When i run the program i get asked first "is it ok to allow Go to use resources
of the phone" and when i say yes immediately an error "Uncaught exception:
Exception thrown ina midlet constructor."

The screenshots look good :-)

Up to now I am using a much more simple program also have .jad which works well


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