[OSM-talk] Invisible coastline errors in Potlatch

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 14:48:12 GMT 2009

2009/1/6 "Marc Schütz" <schuetzm at gmx.net>:
>> The solution is either to move splitting ways entirely to the server (so,
>> although the user hits 'split', the way isn't actually split until the
>> server returns a message), or to fix the server. I'd be interested to know
>> _why_ the server runs so slowly at certain times.
> ... or by fixing Potlatch to notify the user and suggest a retry?

It does that.

I think this is probably a more complex fail. ie: Potlatch doesn't
realise it's failed for some reason.


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