[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap Gaza appeal

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Hi Alice

What kind of features did you bring in from OCHA? We do have to be careful here.

On the ground mapping isn't going to be possible for a while. There's still a lot to do remotely. We're looking at acquiring satellite imagery in the Northeast, where Yahoo isn't covered. And we're actively seeking people familiar with Gaza, living outside, to help add place names, street names, etc. 



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I've done some editing of osm using the UN OCHA maps, sticking to
data clearly provided by the UN and not directly copy/pasting but by
adding in manually where possible.  I've tagged it all as source=UN
ocha in case there are any issues.  I'd like to add more UN data, but
now doesn't seem the right time to be asking them about copyright

I think we're roughly at the limit of what we can manage from third
party sources, and need people on the ground to do mapping.  I'd hazard
a guess that people there are far too busy to be wandering around with
gps units, and given most of the aid workers don't seem too happy to be
there it's probably not the right time to be going out there ourselves.

Potentially when things quieten down a little more we could get some
funding together to get a couple of people out there with gps systems.
Granted the need will reduce as the danger of being there does, but it
still seems a fairly important place to get mapped.  I shall have to
ask my boyfriend how soon I'm allowed to go out there...

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