[OSM-talk] Keep Mapnik relevant

Andreas Fritsche andreas.fritsche at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 08:52:39 GMT 2009


>> I don't get it.
> Really? It's pretty straightforward.

> Right, so have a look at the following.
> highway = primary => I have a primary road
> name = Foo Street => I have a primary road that's called Foo Street
> ref = 58 => I have a primary road with ref 58 that's called Foo Street
> abandoned = yes => I don't actually have a primary road at all.
> Do you see how the last one is completely different? If we start
> [..]

Actually: No. If interpreted straightforward, your example would end
with the line
abandoned = yes => I have an abandoned primary road with ref 58 that
was called Foo Street
The tag just adds another property. A client might chose 5px-width and
red color because it's a primary road. It might not interpret the name
- because for its application the name doesn't matter and the client
may decide whether to display it or not because it is abandoned. No
difference, just another choice.

Nevertheless I do understand the "*actually*"- and espacially the
"PITA"-part. So I am willing to accept the OSM-mission and join the No
History Club.


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