[OSM-talk] Idea: "All town/cities within # hours/minutes of x location"

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jan 11 00:17:03 GMT 2009


Daniel Taylor wrote:
> Interesting, ok, well the Europe limit is fine, I want this for the UK. 
> but the up to 60 minutes thing makes it a tad useless for what i need. I 
> presume that's for performance reasons?

I guess so, I'm not one of the operators.

Some time ago I have experimented with a Perl script that did similar 
analyses and was able to cut memory usage and computing time by simply 
dropping everything smaller than tertiary roads, which is perfectly ok 
for an analysis in the 3 hour range.

> is the code for that feature 
> available?

The openrouteservice code is, as far as I understand, still under lock 
and key but scheduled to become available after the author has got his 
degree (it seems that there's a problem in academia with publishing some 
things too early).

The Perl script I was talking about is theoretically available but it 
was a relatively crude thing that I did for a customer and I'll have to 
remove hard-coded customer data from the script & put some documentation 
in before I can put it in SVN. (I could quickly generate a 3 hour radius 
around some place if you tell me the coordinates of that some place though!)


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