[OSM-talk] Potlatch again

Gert Gremmen g.gremmen at cetest.nl
Sun Jan 11 20:39:19 GMT 2009

OSM fellows and friends,


Sorry for bringing this up again....

We have been discussing Potlatch lately.


Take a look at this:




and at this :




You may notice some anomalies in the way roads and tramway are (not)


I won't blame the guy who did this!

I am sure that the OSM-er who edited this was in good faith, BUT he used
Potlatch. :<((((


Now charge the same view (copy URL) in JOSM and zoom in.


You will see the mess, caused by potlatch being so inaccurate at high

levels (or in fact the lack of a good deep zoom level) that users are

unable to decently connect roads, and creating a mess by "click and


Go to http://openstreetmap.org/edit?lat=52.05599&lon=4.34094&zoom=17


And enter Potlatch editor  (IN PLAY MODE) and try to fix the mess: You
can't !!!

All nodes are overlapping and you need a great deal of experience not to

worsen this crossing.  No problem in JOSM though.


Please do not change (repair) anything for a few days so anyone

can have a look for it and judge for himself.


POTLATCH NEEDS IMPROVEMENT it's not an exception, I see these things

every week.



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