[OSM-talk] data import in Belarus

Sarah Manley sarah at cloudmade.com
Tue Jan 13 21:14:47 GMT 2009

Dear All,

I am writing on behalf of someone I met at a LUG meeting I spoke at  
who is concerned that the data imported for Belarus has a copyright  
attached to it.
I sent him this link:

Below here is his response:
"Copyrights law of Belarus
list maps and databases as object of copyrights (article 7) and  
doesn't exempt government works of such nature (article 8). I think
will be good idea if OpenStreetMap will require official  
confirmationsin such exports since (AFAIK) public domain status of US  
government is exception, not a rule."

I am not familiar with the imports/OSM work in Belarus, is anyone else?

Sarah Manley
Sarah at cloudmade.com
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Skype: Sarah_cloudmade
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