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D Tucny d at tucny.com
Thu Jan 15 06:00:23 GMT 2009

2009/1/15 Vikas Yadav <vikas.yadav at threebrix.com>

> Hi,
> I had two queries:
> 1) New Delhi text is not visible on low zooms (like 8) and is only seem
> even after other smaller cities are shown. Please suggest how to fix it. (I
> had put the same question on other thread a while back with no response. :(

It's showing up at zoom 4 there...

> 2) Need to know how to show hindi translations on north indian cities when
> they are rendered. I had put up a half dozen city name:hi just yesterday.
> what else should be done so that mapnik/tah start rendering the translations
> in the language? (Just like shown in Sri Lanka/China/etc)

While it's useful to have the hindi name in name:hi, it may also be
worthwhile putting it in name if the local language is officially hindi...
If name currently contains an English name, that can be moved to name:en.

I'm not sure however that there are suitable fonts on the mapnik tile server
or tiles at home clients to correctly render hindi (the DejaVu font does not
have full UTF8 coverage), so making this change may result in names not
being visible on the map until this problem is corrected... (Right now
non-latin rendering on tiles at home is pretty haphazard as some clients have
suitable fonts for some languages and others don't, Mapnik didn't used to
support glyph fallback, so any characters not present in DejaVu were
rendered as squares, it now supports glyph fallback however and the server
seems to have a reasonable range of fonts available which means that it's
consistent rendering of non-latin scripts has suddenly overtaken
tiles at homein this regard)... If you find that hindi does not render
correctly on the
Mapnik layer, it would likely be useful to raise a trac ticket with some
suggestions of free/open fonts that could be installed on the server to make
this work...

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