[OSM-talk] caveat - potlatch overrides extern changes

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jan 18 10:47:30 GMT 2009


Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> potlatch's behavior isn't fair, I'd say.  It must not change existing
> data siliently.  Instead, it should warn the use and download recent
> data from the server. 

That would make editing much slower. But with API 0.6 this will be fixed 
because Potlatch's update attempt will fail in this case (it still has 
an old version number).

> There is no reason to assume that the data entered by the potlatch user
> is better than the recent change done externally.

JOSM will do the same thing - change the way in Potlatch, then change it 
in JOSM and upload, and you have overwritten your change... again, this 
will not be the case anymore with 0.6.


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