[OSM-talk] 68 GPS units donated to OSM

Erik Söderström erik at yi.se
Sun Jan 18 16:23:11 GMT 2009

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Chris Hill wrote:
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>> From: Erik Söderström <erik at yi.se>
>> My name is Erik Söderström and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.
>> I'm fairly new to this project, but have quickly been drawn in due to my
>>   fascination of all things free.
>> I work as an IT-admin at a logistics company (haulage). We currently
>> have six trucks that are GPS-enabled, and those send in data to our
>> servers (which I then compile and contribute). The problem is that the
>> data is sent 3 minutes apart so the tracks are in very low resolution.
>> I was talking to some Swedish mappers the other day, and they suggested
>> I apply for a couple of these devices. I would primarily put them in
>> cars that travel places not on the map (we have about 250 contracted
>> vehicles). Instead of having it all automated, I think I could go the
>> easy way and just give on to a driver for a month or so, retrieve the
>> GPS and read data off of it. Many of them travel alot of routes not
>> mapped on the Swedish mapped, and that goes especially for industrial
>> areas in Gothenburg, Stockholm and in Mälardalen (region in midwest
>> Sweden southeast of Stockholm). Many of them also travel to the northern
>> parts of Sweden.
>> Hopefully, this would contribute to mapping areas that not many of our
>> fellow Swedish mappers are likely to travel.
>> I'm just putting this out there... does anyone think this is a bad idea,
>> and if so, why? (so that I can work on it).
>> Cheers everyone, and thank you for the great work put into OSM which our
>> business uses every day!
> I think you would need to retrieve the data often - probably daily - before the memory of the units is full.
> Cheers, Chris

Hm, perhaps, yes.... is there any possibility to add an SD card or
something? I would buy those myself...

// Erik
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