[OSM-talk] Walking Routes - wiki needs some work?

Someoneelse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Mon Jan 19 15:28:22 GMT 2009

If it would help to tie the Cleveland Way relation together I can offer 
a series of 300m-separated waypoints in OSGB format for the section 
between Helmsley (actually from the spur at the bottom of White Horse 
Bank) and Guisborough.  No tracklog though - it is from an old GPS with 
no data cable.  Also something similar for the bottom end of the Pennine 
Way (as far North as Littleborough).

One question though:  Is there a limit on the total number of ways in 
one relation and is it possible that the Pennine Bridleway (which is 
lots of higgledy-piggledy bits of bridleway joined together) might 
exceed it?

Some more local (UK Derby/Notts) stuff I'll updated "Other named paths 
and trails", although I guess that that will need to be split out to 
another page if it gets too large.

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