[OSM-talk] National french cadastre WMS opened to OSM

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 23:46:27 GMT 2009

I'm pleased to announce that the french Minister of the Economy, and
its department DGFiP in charge of the french cadastre and its
vectorization has accepted our request to access their WMS for
The reuse of the french cadastre (the land registry with all parcels,
streets, roads, names, building feet, all at a very accurate
resolution - less than a meter) is allowed for all derivated work and
the french authorities agree that contributions based on the cadastre
for OSM are legal (with the condition to provide the source).
Although only about half of the communes are vectorized today, it will
be a great and unique source of accurate geodata for OSM in France.

Also many thanks to Denis Helfer who contacted the Ministery of the
Economy in the name of the OSM community.


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