[OSM-talk] How to create a tramway?

Rotbarsch rotb at gmx-topmail.de
Tue Jan 20 14:21:52 GMT 2009

Hi René!

Just have a look on an example:


> For separate tracks I found two possibilities 'tramway' and
> 'railway=tram' - when to use which?
Railway=tram worked fine in my case.

> If the railway direct on the street I saw that you just make a track
> 'highway' and 'railway'
This also works fine (e.g. highway=secondary, railway=tram)
> - but how do I add the name of the lines that
> actually drive on that tracks?

For that just add every highway with railway=tram and every  
railway=tram way to a route relation like it is also done in the above  
mentioned example:

Ralation 56829
name=Linie 105
operator=Essener Verkehrs AG

The results is very nicely mapped on German ÖPNV-Karte:


It is a good idea to document it on the wiki like it is done here:


 From there you get also the following link to check your relation:


Best Regards und Schöne Grüße!


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