[OSM-talk] OSM-WIKI: reducing redundancy, less redundant and standardized data exchange

Russ Nelson russ at cloudmade.com
Wed Jan 21 21:43:28 GMT 2009

Earlier I had the bright-boy idea of creating a "simplified" map  
features tree by writing static web pages which had choices pre- 
selected.  So, for example, once you pick a language, you only get  
that language's pages, or once you pick a country, you only get that  
country's representation of features.  And once you pick a feature,  
the next page only shows you the tags that are relevant to that  
feature.  Further, this was to be a set of pages to be downloaded by  
users, so they would be as fast as their computer.

So, basically, yeah, I agree, we REALLY need something like this to  
make it easier for users to select consistent tags.

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