[OSM-talk] Import populated places from vmap0

James Stewart j.k.stewart at ed.ac.uk
Thu Jan 22 10:08:11 GMT 2009

I spend quite some time working on central asia republics - especially  
the Fergana Valley (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Wiki_Project_Fergana_Valley 
) which is in Uzbekistan, with parts of Tajikstan and Kyrgystan. I  
could not find any really reliable source - most places have at least  
2 names, if not 4 or 5 - Russian name, cyrillic script, local language  
in local script, local languge in cyrillic, local language in latin  
script, other local language in relevant script, English name, french  
name, german name alternative english name... etc etc. Searching  
databases, newspaper articles etc can be frustrating when several  
places have similar/same names. Geonames map interface has many of the  
villages in the wrong place anyway, so not very useful. FallingRain is  
one souce that has pulled together alternative names and presented  
with a map, but I am not sure which database they have used, possibly  
vmap0, and of course they have plenty of mistakes too, and do not use  
cyrillic (http://www.fallingrain.com/world/UZ/3/Yangiqorgon.html).

For the roads, from documents I could read, there is no established  
local classification in Uzbekistan, I hope that Russia is better  

Not much help, but good luck!


> Hello all,
> I want to import populated place names from vmap0 for some regions  
> of Russia.
> There are many blank areas in Russia without any data, so vmap0 data,
> especially place names can be a quite good basis for these regions
> (road network is better to trace using satellite imagery).

Dr James Stewart
Research centre for Social Sciences
Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation
University of Edinburgh

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