[OSM-talk] Up-to-Date, Minutely Mapnik Bookmarklet

"Marc Schütz" schuetzm at gmx.net
Thu Jan 22 13:42:43 GMT 2009

> After a recent spate of OSM activity, especially with regards to
> rendering and so on, I've put together a bookmarklet designed to help
> visualize changes to OSM data in Mapnik more rapidly.  
> http://labs.metacarta.com/osm/up-to-date/
> "Using osmosis, osm2pgsql, and Mapnik, a bookmarklet which will draw the
> 'current' state of the database, delayed by less than 10 minutes. Simply
> press this button, and an image will be drawn over the map showing the
> current state of the database."
> You simply drag the bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks toolbar, and
> click it on any OSM map: InformationFreeway, main map, /browse/ pages,
> etc.
> I believe that all the kinks of this particular service have been
> worked out at this point, though I'm happy to take any feedback or
> criticism you have. (Please CC me on any important feedback.) 

Great work!

However, the rendering rules seem to be different. For example:


The street "Klosterstraße" has the additional name "Main-Radweg" of a cycleroute relation of which it is a member.

Regards, Marc

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