[OSM-talk] Can not remove a way from a relation

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Fri Jan 23 16:41:41 GMT 2009

> Hope to get some advice on how to fix this.

I'd be tempted to try using Potlatch. I've just tried in "Practice"
mode. There seem to be a strange combination of ways on that stretch
(4596756, 4596752 and 25612631 - where 25612631 seems to be longer
than the other two put together, but not as far as I can get to work
here selectable using the / key in Potlatch).

However, you can select the shorter ways and click the x next to the
relation name to remove that way from the relation. Deselect the way
to save changes to the relation, then once saved reselect it and
press Shift-Delete to delete the way. In Practice mode I seemed to
have to delete a few ways to just be left with 25612631, assuming
that is what you are trying to achieve, but the "deleted" ways seem
to come back, so probably don't delete in practice mode. Anyway, as
I don't know what you're doing I don't want to try it in live mode.


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