[OSM-talk] mapping driveways

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 25 15:18:38 GMT 2009

Greg Troxel schrieb:
>   First of all, you should NEVER remove anything from the database,
>   unless you have made certain by your own eye that the object in
>   question is an error and not existing in reality! Even than take care
>   not to remove anything marked as abandoned or alike, that marks this
>   object was once here and the info is kept for historical reasons.
> OK, point taken.  (I know I am not 100% clear on the norms, which is why
> I'm asking first.)

And that's much better than other people removing stuff without asking 
first ;-)

> I am most used to the USGS 1:25K paper maps, and at that scale there is
> a sense of clutter vs useful.  I get the point that the database doesn't
> have that notion, but that when rendering the tags determine what's
> included.  So I think my real issues are about tagging.

Yes, it's often that people think they edit a map, but in reality they 
edit a database -> resulting in several very different maps.

> Driveway has a connotation of private road that one should not be on
> unless a guest of or going to the place at the other end.  Service road
> doesn't t me have that kind of notion.  Thus the road to a tiny airport
> that has a restaurant open to the public is an access road, but the road
> into a manufacturing company that's posted No Trespassing is a driveway,
> even if there are 10x the people using it daily and it has a yellow line
> and streetlights.
> In the end I think I am wanting a way to tag residential driveways from
> industrial driveways and commercial driveways, as the social/privacy
> issues of using them are different.
> I'll go with highway=service, service=driveway, and perhaps for
> commercial driveways where the public is welcome access=permissive and
> for private ones access=private.

The access tag makes perfect sense here, especially access=private when 
there's a "no trespassing" (or alike) sign there.

Regards, ULFL

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