[OSM-talk] Handling of towns with different or alternative names

Manfred Podzkiewitz manfred at podzkiewitz.net
Tue Jan 27 19:08:39 GMT 2009

Hello, i have a question about the handling of unoffical, or ethnic, or
historic names of towns and villages. Did you ever have searched for
"Krung Thep", which is the new offical name of the capital of Thailand?
I think, this town is better known to you as "Bangkok".

So, how do we handle historic or alternative names?

Do you know Kaliningrad? This is the offical name of this city since
1948. The germans call it Koenigsberg (the city shared this name since
the 13. century), the polish call it Krolewiec (this also means
Koenigsberg) and people from Lithuania are searching for Karaliaucius.
All is the same city. And what about Leningrad, which is called St.
Petersburg (again) since the 1990s?

At Google maps, they have an option: "alternative names". I did not
found anything like this and i like to edit an area, which is full of
these problems. Any good ideas for solving the problem (or is there a
regulation, i haven't found)?

M. Podzkiewitz


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