[OSM-talk] Error in Google-Maps

Jürgen Reimann juergen.reimann at gmx.de
Wed Jan 28 16:18:14 GMT 2009

That's really ridiculous - the same situation appeared while I was
mapping Sousse/Tunisia - the complete Google-information looked like:
Let's draw something that looks like some streets that meet in one point
(hopefully the center of a city) but there's no time to care for
reality. Strange!
Regards, Jürgen.

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2009/1/28 Jürgen Reimann <juergen.reimann at gmx.de>:
> Hello, please don't shoot me if I'm absolutely wrong at this place. I 
> want to ask what is to be done if a strange error in Google-Maps 
> appears.

This might be a wrong list to ask about Google Maps.

> This map (like OSM) should also be free of strange mistakes. Does 
> anybody know, who (in person) is responsible for the information 
> provided by Google-Maps. (I think even OSM is not absolutely correct 
> in this area - I have to check it this weekend). Please have a look at

> this area and you know what I mean: 
> http://sautter.com/map/?zoom=17&lat=51.12995&lon=6.46463&layers=B000TF
> FF

Check out
, this whole region on Google Maps is somebody's rich imagination and
lots of creativity.  Roads are > 20km off.


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