[OSM-talk] West African mangrove forests and PGS coastlines

Roman Neumüller r.neumuller at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 05:32:35 GMT 2009

I noticed the same issue on South America's eastcoast and large river  
mounds too...
I think there's no easy solution because the color of mangrove forests and  
the sea
are too near to one another...
Using josm's lakewalker to trace sea/island there' s a
"maximum gray value to count as water" one can play with...


> In West Africa, I have noticed that mangrove forests are often tagged as  
> sea
> by PGS. Some examples are found at:
> Does anyoe have any idea on how to solve this without having to do manual
> tracing for large parts of the coastline and riverbanks?

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