[OSM-talk] Undo request button for changesets

MP singularita at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 19:52:39 BST 2009

I think the worst case to revert is mass deletion - only Potlatch have
some facilities to find deleted lines given a BBOX, and only lines,
not POIs or relations. Such deletion is quite hard to spot.

As for reverting changesets - there is list of nodes/ways/relations
that was either added, changed or deleted in the changeset XML, so for
changed stuff, you can retrieve the previous version from history
(using the version from changeset as the "id of old version"), for new
stuff, you add action="delete" into the XML and for deleted stuff, you
recreate the last version (could be a bit tricky for deleted ways with
nodes, as you'll have to mangle the ID's a bit ...)

It shouldn't be probably hard to write such a thing ... perhaps some
of existing tools can be just a little adapted to produce this.

Load this into JOSM, use the conflict resolution in there to sort
things out (if someone tries to fix the thing manually) and upload
..... changeset effectively reverted.


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