[OSM-talk] keep right! and barrier=*

Claudius claudius.h at gmx.de
Mon Jul 20 20:30:17 BST 2009

Am 20.07.2009 16:45, John Smith:
> --- On Mon, 20/7/09, Claudius<claudius.h at gmx.de>  wrote:
>>> keep right thinks a node ending in barrier=*,
>> cattle_grid and others I guess, where as the road past a lot
>> of these barriers would be access=private and usually isn't
>> mapped.
>>> eg http://osm.org/go/ueSEtgYJj--
>> I don't get the meaning. Could you please rephrase? What is
>> keep right
>> thinking?
> Keep right shows an error about a way ending near another way.
> http://keepright.x10hosting.com/report_map.php?zoom=18&lat=-26.61428&lon=152.65004&layers=B0T&ch30=1&ch40=1&ch50=1&ch60=1&ch70=1&ch80=1&ch90=1&ch100=1&ch110=1&ch120=1&ch140=1&ch150=1&ch160=1&ch170=1&ch180=1&ch190=1&ch200=1&ch210=1&ch220=1&ch240=1&show_ign=1&show_tmpign=1

Thanks for the clarification, especially the permalink.

The issue here is not that the way is ending with a barrier node but the 
fact that in a reasonable vicinity to the ending node there's another 
way. Quite often this means that some mapper forgot to connect the 
ending node to a way. In your example this is indeed a false alert, but 
the rule itself is worth keeping. I found several unconnected ways via 
this very keepright "error".


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