[OSM-talk] When is a road a secondary road and when is it not?

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Jun 2 22:01:53 BST 2009

> Both Primary and Trunk get green signs - but only the latter
> are
> maintained by The Highway's Agency (in England) 

Except in OSM, where Trunk means a primary road with a green side,
and Primary means other A road. 

The "Trunk" value seems to cause some confusion as it applies to a
lot more roads than are maintained as the trunk network by the
highways agency. However, as we map based on what we see and roads
mentioning the Highways Agency are much rarer than the roads they
maintain, and that there probably isn't a source we can use which
isn't Crown Copyrighted in some way to say what the HA network
actually is, the green-signed trunks seem to be the best solution.


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