[OSM-talk] Languages

"Marc Schütz" schuetzm at gmx.net
Thu May 7 10:25:08 BST 2009

> I agree that's nothing political, and there is some information missing.
> You
> propose to add this information in the following way:
>    name=Bergstrasse
>    name:en=Mountain Road
>    local_language_used_in_name_tags=de
> I think it complicates things without a goog reason. I solve it as I've
> shown above:
>    name:de=Bergstrasse
>    name:en=Mountain Road

I remember that in some countries, the "official" language of the name depends on the municipality; in these cases it would be nice to be able to specify this language on the object itself. Otherwise you would have to build a huge external database correlating villages to languages.

Something like this would be feasible in a (hypothetical) german-english bilingual area:

name:en=Mountain Road

The language tag could also be used on higher administrative units like counties, and would be automatically inherited to objects inside them, unless explicitly overridden.

Note that you would not need to specify a general "name" tag here.

Regards, Marc

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