[OSM-talk] Data Import Support Working Group

Russ Nelson russ at cloudmade.com
Thu May 14 16:51:43 BST 2009

On May 14, 2009, at 11:26 AM, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
> This is a very welcome development, I for one have acquired a dataset
> on behalf of OSM which is waiting for someone to write the required
> code to import it and keep it up to date[1].

Doing the import is straightforward.  Keeping it up to date is trickier.

> I would be interested in being part of this group, e.g. by helping
> collate and classify datasets that are waiting to be imported, and
> even by writing code required to do the importing.

Me too.

> But can this please be coordinated in a more globally/non-English
> speaking/non-GMT friendly forum than a weekly telephone conference?

Two things:
   o There's a big hole in the Pacific into which we can throw the  
night-time on the schedule.  Pushes on the edges with Japan and  
Hawaii, and the very eastern parts of Russia and western parts of  
Alaska, but we're programmers.  We're used to not sleeping, right?
   o And in a similar vein, except for China, English is the language  
of computer programmers.
   o Phone calls are a very effective way to keep a group in synch and  
on time.

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