[OSM-talk] zones for motorway/in town/outof town?

Guenther Meyer d.s.e at sordidmusic.com
Wed May 20 06:44:21 BST 2009


currently there is a discussion on the german list about tagging speed limits 
respectively different "zones". as there are implied also other things than 
maxspeed there are proposed three default zones, derived from the signs 
standing at every border crossing point:

a) motorway: that's very clear, therea are no or very high limits.
b) "city" areas with limited speed and some restrictions
c) everything else, mostly out of town.

so this questions goes primarily to the native english speakers:
what would be the right term for a value for these zones?

a) motorway? this one would be very clear I think.
b) in_town? place? urban? it's the thing we call "geschlossene ortschaft" in
   germany, which inludes everything from very small villages to really large
   cities (bounded by yellow squared signs in germany).
c) out_of_town? rural?

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