[OSM-talk] Hello from a probably new contributor

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Wed May 20 13:26:39 BST 2009

Jehan Pagès wrote:
>Sent: 20 May 2009 12:50 PM
>To: talk at openstreetmap.org
>Subject: [OSM-talk] Hello from a probably new contributor
>Hi all,
>my name is Jehan. I am currently making a world tour. Making lastly a small
>part of my trip with some Mozilla guys (you can see me here:
>http://blogs.mozilla-europe.org/?post/2009/04/30/The-end-of-the-MECT-09 ),
>as they were recording the trip for Open Street Map, they gave me the idea
>to do the same. Why not.
>So I bought a GPSMap 60 CSx. Currently I configured it with the default
>track method.
>Record method: auto
>Interval: Normal
>And in data card setup, I checked "log track to card data", so that I can
>simply use the GPS as a usb key where I find one gpx file for each use day.
>(this is easier for me especially because I use Linux, so I don't have to
>do anything special, nor to install the Garmin software to any borrowed
>computer with Windows which I may use...)
>Hence my question is simple: do you have any advice of how to maybe
>configure better the gps? Or is it good this way? (for info, I am on
>motorcycle, if ever this changes anything to the configuration)

Its better to set up the unit to record the maximum amount of data. Assuming
you have a 2GB sd card in the unit then you can have many months of data at
maximum 1 sec interval without running out of space. A 1 sec interval gives
you the best clear indication of where you have been, ie all the subtleties
of bends in the road etc. Simply change from Auto to Time and set the time
interval to 1 sec.

That’s about it for the tracks, nothing else to do. Turn on each day with a
fresh set of batteries and hey presto you will have a nice long trace at the
end of the day :-)

>Moreover are they anything waypoints that are interesting for you to get?
>Do you have any suggestion of something which can be interesting for

If you are on the bike you may struggle to set waypoints and note what they
are. Perhaps easier to think of using a digital camera. Just set the camare
time to the same as that of the GPS and its easy to sync with the JOSM
editing software when you are back.

As for what to gather, gather info on whatever you like, especially what you
think would be useful to have on a map etc. Be guided by what you will
naturally be interested in yourself. Its more fun that way.

>Sorry I can imagine that many of my answers are probably answered in the
>wiki. But it is very difficult for me to get internet access. For instance
>I am right now in a public library with only a one-hour access right, in
>Greece (Thessaloniki). So I just imagine it is easier this way.
>Consider me as someone who wants to help, who has a GPS and will do what I
>can. So if you think anything from me can be interesting for OSM, just tell
>me. But if this implies to be able to connect internet often, then forget
>it. I will just connect sometimes to upload my gpx tracks and other infos I
>may have collected.

If you want others to help you edit as you go around, post again to the list
and make a wiki page and others will help you. Uploading the GPS data is the
first starter in doing that.

>One last question if anyone here is knowledgeable enough in electronics.
>The GPS is powered with AA batteries, which is good (I don't have often
>easily electricity plugs as I don't stay in hotels, most often). Yet
>sometimes it would be good that I could power it with my motorcycle
>battery, so that I don't buy batteries every 2 days. For cars, there is
>this accessory: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=527

Can't hep there, sorry. If you can recharge overnight then go for some high
mha (2500 or above) batteries and keep a set or two spare.

>My battery provides a 12v DC, as far as I know. So if I can just get this
>kind of female plug (that we see on photo) and if I plug it to my
>motorcycle battery, will it be enough? I don't want to burn my new GPS...
>Thanks all.

have a great trip and thanks for thinking about OSM :-)

oh, and tell everyone about your trip via your user page diary.



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