[OSM-talk] zones for motorway/in town/outof town?

Andy Deakin andy.deakin at pcmend.net
Thu May 21 16:52:52 BST 2009

>> * The question of querying "node" within a polygon or "line" withing a
>>   polygon. So far it seems that such query is doable using PostGis.
>>   Nevertheless this needs to be confirmed.
> postgis or other similar software.
> a lot of overhead that could be avoided. not good for developing software 
> running on small devices with limited resources.
> a very complex for developers who can't rely on gis systems.
I think that maxspeed is a property of a way, not an area, but to run on 
limited resource devices, you could always pre-process the data by 
looking at all the eligible ways within that polygon and add the 
maxspeed tag. I guess you might also have to split the way on the area 
boundary too.


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