[OSM-talk] Seamark/Marine-Tagging-Proposal open for Voting

Mario Salvini salvini at t-online.de
Wed Nov 11 14:25:53 GMT 2009

Hi Sam,

man_made=lighthouse tells us something about the physical issue of this 
seamark=lighthouse tells us something about the role as a naval 
navigation mark.

the same problem we have with man_made=beacon.
Without any further information nobody can define a use for navigation
seamark=beacon (for ships) and airmark=beacon (for aircrafts) can help 
to give more information here.

Sam Vekemans schrieb:
> Hi,
> I would think that man_made=lighthouse also needs to be changed so 
> that an additional tag of seamark=lighthouse to show the same thing. 
> as IMO 'seamark' seems to  more appropriate ... as a 'land' lighthouse 
> is a 'man_made=tower'.
> Cheers,
> Sam

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