[OSM-talk] Flickr Now Supports OSM Tags

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Thu Oct 1 01:42:45 BST 2009

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> Dave F. wrote:
>> If, by users, you mean the likes of Flickr, 
> I do. They have resources to bring our data into the shape they want 
> it in. I'm not saying let's make it extra difficult for them 
I think that having *unnecessary* data, such as the tag values we've 
been discussing does make it "extra difficult".
> - but I don't see that we should change anything just because someone 
> might like our data better that way.
>> The vast, vast majority of manufacturers spend a lot of time trying 
>> to make their products simple to use so they sell more units.
> So what 
I was trying to use that as an example of the principle, which I think 
you knew.
> - we're not a manufacturer, and we're not selling anything. 
There's a blog for OSM (http://www.opengeodata.org/page/2/) that has a 
video where Peter Millar talks about "persuading" organisations to take 
up OSM. He's therefore selling the idea of OSM.

He mentions that they're hesitant to adopt OSM because they're wary of 
stuff that's free. (Free cost= Not Good).
I'm concerned that once they get over that hurdle they might come to the 
conclusion that Extra Difficult=Not Good.
> We don't have paid staff. We are a bunch of people making a map; we're 
> not offering a "service" to anybody.
Irrelevant of the business model, there's still a product that needs to 
be 'sold'.

Peter mentions professionals will take it when they realise it's 
*better* than the competition.
I would like to take it one stage further & have the product be *as good 
as possible*. Hence my concerns as noted in the thread.

Dave F.

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