[OSM-talk] SteveC should decide

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Oct 1 14:13:35 BST 2009

Dave F. writes:
 > > This is just wrong.  If SteveC says that "mountain=green" means that
 > > first there is a mountain, and that "mountain=blue" means there is no
 > > mountain, then damnit, we should do it that way.

Sheesh, has Donovan lost all his currency?

 > Oh my Lord, you've completely missed the point.

Errr, no, I agree with you.

 > In relation to the boolean problem OSM is saying that blue & green are 
 > the *same* thing.

No, I'm saying that mountain=green and mountain=viridian are the same
thing, but that when SteveC tells us to use green we should use green.

See, the thing about open source leadership is that it's never done
forcefully, because the community can fork the project.  It must be a
guiding hand, not a dictating hand.  And I trust SteveC to listen to
community input.  I mean, he had the wisdom to GIVE US free-form tags
in the first place, why shouldn't we listen to him when he says that
random tagging (it's building=puppy, damn those spaniards) is not

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