[OSM-talk] SteveC should decide

edodd at billiau.net edodd at billiau.net
Sat Oct 3 01:57:23 BST 2009

Frederik said
> All this is possible *within* the existing OSM framework and without any
> strong leader telling us where to go. I really do encourage you and all
> those calling for leadership to get together, form your own advisory
> board or tagging committee or whatever, create the structures you think
> are required, and then offer them for voluntary use by the community.

This is likely to result in several insular communities. In particular I
am considering that au mappers would write a tight set of guidelines for
mapping and, as an example, we wouldn't have to worry about "residential
vs unclassified in rural areas" for any other country - we would define
our own strategy and stick to it.
If Au does that, and the Argentinians make their own set of preferences,
and other groups do the same, we will have a project with multiple forks.
I don't really want to split the project, but if it becomes the only way
to peace it will happen by itself.


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