[OSM-talk] SteveC should decide

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Oct 3 02:52:04 BST 2009

Frederik Ramm writes:
 > Because the leader is the intellectual visionary and the sheep cannot be 
 > expected to have the information or the intellectual capacity to 
 > understand.

I'm pretty sure you've gone off into the weeds, Frederick.  Leadership
and followership in a voluntary organization is not a question of
Fuhrer and sheep.

 > I think that if some people devised a set of tagging rules or 
 > recommendations and laid it out in a structured way, including rules on 
 > how to create, discuss, amend the definitions, there would really be 
 > demand for that inside OSM.

Well, I've asked SteveC to lend his moral weight to this effort, and
he's said (not a direct quote) "No way, when I do that, people call me
evil."  What's to stop the same people from calling the committee
members evil?

When you call your leaders "evil", you end up with only leaders who
don't mind being called evil.  Are those the kind of leaders you want?

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