[OSM-talk] 2009 TIGER Shapefiles now available

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Sat Oct 3 17:26:37 BST 2009

> I think the real question is what would importing a new version of the 
> tiger data do to all the tiger data fixes we've spent so much time on.

  Good question - I would hope that whatever is done takes maximal 
consideration for any existing edits - along the lines of OpenJump / 
RoadMatcher used in Canada.    Ideally, the only roadways to import will be 
totally new roadways (not existing in the original imported data, and not 
existing currently), properly connected to existing ways.    I don't know 
for sure, but I imagine that all roads of class 'motorway' are much better 
in OSM than any tiger data from now on.

  The only roadways to re-import would be those actually updated from the 
original, and untouched by human hands.

  I looked at my county's data, and the 2005-2007 new subdivision roadway 
construction that I'm aware of still doesn't appear.   In fact, the 'edges' 
file is only 150K larger than 2008's data.   I haven't run a diff yet to see 
what's changed.

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