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Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Oct 4 20:57:06 BST 2009

Matt Amos writes:
 > On 10/4/09, Russ Nelson <nelson at crynwr.com> wrote:
 > > No, that's not the sole purpose.  See my reply to Andrew which you
 > > should have already received.
 > so the purpose is to indicate to other mappers, including via the
 > nonames renderer and other debugging tools, that there is no name? so
 > you're not tagging what's on the ground (that there is no name),
 > you're tagging out-of-band information that isn't useful to any
 > end-users of the map?

Well, anything that isn't rendered is of no use to end-users of the
map, so the principle you're trying to apply here: "map for the
renderer" is deprecated pretty universally.

But if noname roads are rendered as such, then when you're looking for
that street, you would expect to see a street without street signs.

Neither you nor Andrew are getting anywhere with "but noname=yes isn't
useful".  I suggest you drop it.

 > >  > let me put it a different way: maybe convergence hasn't happened
 > >  > *yet*.
 > >
 > > That argument is not falsifiable; it is no argument at all.
 > for the noname tag, it isn't measurable.

Stuff and nonsense.  There are 9 specific proposals, use of each of
which can be counted.

My point here is that you can ALWAYS point to a failure of convergence
and say "If we wait longer, we will achieve success."

 > you asked why people are thinking that you're in favour of people
 > being told what to do. your answer appears to confirm that, yes;
 > you're in favour of people being told what to do.

It appears to me as if your "being told what to do" should be
interpreted as coercion, but I've repeatedly said that leadership in a
voluntary organization is not coercion.  How many times do I have to
tell you that it's NOT POSSIBLE TO COERCE VOLUNTEERS????  Why do I
have to shout to be heard?  Why do I sound like your mother?
"Mattie-boy, clean up your room now ... don't make me shout."

 > sure - you're part of the community and you're rejecting frederik's
 > advice. so, by your definition of hostile and your membership of the
 > community; some of the community is hostile to leadership.

I didn't say that Frederick is evil, nor that his actions are dictated
by the needs of his company, nor that he's acting like a king (and his
girlfriend is a queen), nor that he's conducting bizarre breeding
experiments on cute little animals.  Basically, SteveC doesn't find
this teasing at all funny.  Not at all.  He's asked that people stop
it, and I'm asking y'all to stop it.

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