[OSM-talk] Landuse areas etc. abutting highways

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Oct 4 21:30:03 BST 2009


MP wrote:
> b) is easier for editing, more reflecting the reality 

I think it is appropriate to choose b) if you indeed have separate 
measurements for each of the three lines, for example a GPS track for 
the road and a land cover import or something.

If, however, you just drove along the road and have *one* GPS track and 
then say "well the road is 10 metres wide so I'll just draw parallel 
lines offset by 5 metres left and right from the centreline", then I'd 
say you are creating artificial detail that has no basis in your data. 
By doing that you make it much harder for someone to later refine your 
mapping. First he'd have to decide whether just because he has more 
precise measurements for the road, does that mean that he should also 
change the nearby areas (unless you have explicitly tagged them 
"source=offset from road centreline" or so). Then, if he decides to also 
refine the field boundaries, he'd have to insert and move nodes in three 
parallel ways rather than just one.


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