[OSM-talk] Landuse areas etc. abutting highways

MP singularita at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 13:39:52 BST 2009

>  For a road, we can either choose to map it as a linear object (this is the common case), or we can map its geometry more exactly by using an area. In both cases, however, the object in our database represents the entire road (i.e. not only the middle line). Because in reality, there is no gap between the road and the areas next to it, there shouldn't be one in the database either.
>  In other words, we should keep the topology intact, even if we choose to simplify the geometry.

This would be hard to do properly render in the renderers, as they
will render the road with non-zero width and to render things
correctly, they should "push" the boundaries of touching landuses so
they will touch the rendered road borders.

It is IMHO easier to learn renderers to support proper width tag and
add that tag to the street between.

With proper micro-mapping, even the street between could be mapped as
an area, but that could be perhaps a bit too much of detail.

But a) could be used as acceptable temporary solution until someone
with better information (like having aerial photography) remaps it as


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