[OSM-talk] EGNOS

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Oct 5 18:47:03 BST 2009


bernhard wrote:
> EGNOS delivers a correction Signal.
> It's possible to receive it in realtime from a satellite or download
> using FTP.

True, but I don't think the correction signal is something like "add 
.00000182 to longitude and subtract .00000012 from latitude". It is 
rather "correct timing from satellite #12 by factor 0.99991 and correct 
timing from satellite #04 by 1.00002" or so; corrections that have to be 
applied well before the device spits out a lat/lon value.

The website you quoted does say something about applying corrections at 
the "post processing" stage but unless someone more knowledgeable than 
myself says otherwise, I'll assume that in GPS receiver terms, "post 
processing" still means pre-lat-lon-output.


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