[OSM-talk] cloud made routing and turn restrictions

Longbow4u 2longbow at gmx.de
Thu Oct 8 14:30:27 BST 2009

> It there any website that is using OSM data and utilizes turn 
> restrictions?

Openrouteservice.org uses turn restrictions - but they do not supply information
about the date of their used maps. It is sorry that cloudmade routing does
(not/not always?) use turn restrictions, especially since some Navigation
programs like Roadee on Iphone use cloudmade routing. I gave feedback to the
cloudmade website, but have heard nothing since. Not using turn restrictions
leads to wrong or illegal routes. I hope that they work on it. It would be nice
if they would supply a roadmap and a time frame for this improvement. Keeping my
fingers crossed. Perhaps a problem is that their routing API appears to be for
free of charge - so that there is not enough cash flow to finance improvements.
I would charge a small amount of money from commercial users and work hard to
get the service on a par with other commercial offerings. 


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