[OSM-talk] Instead of voting

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 9 12:01:02 BST 2009


Matt Amos wrote:
>> 1) Just map.
>> 2) Use existing keys if you can.
>> 3) Use existing tags if you can.
>> 4) If you used a tag that isn't in the wiki, document your use of the
>> tag, so that other people won't use your tag to mean something else.
> this is awesome advice. 

If there's one thing I could add, even though it is kind of implied by 
the above:

(5) Never ever invent a tag that you don't have a concrete use for.

We already have too many computer people who get carried away by thought 
experiements ("yes but if the spot where the road and railway intersect 
also happens to be a station and have a traffic light and a river 
flowing underneath, what are you going to do THEN????????").


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