[OSM-talk] Instead of voting

malenki osm_ at malenki.ch
Sat Oct 10 05:01:49 BST 2009

Russ Nelson wrote:

>5) If you disagree with the definition of the key or value, then
>create a new key or value with a different name, use it in your
>editing, document it in the wiki, AND (this is important) put a link
>to it in the definition that you disagree with.

Tonight I was pointed to
(sorry it's german, but don't have an other example atm.
Seems $somebody has said at the wiki that mapping cycleways with
highway=path and foot=designated bicycle=yes 
is a good idea, because highway=footway and highway=cycleway won't work
that for since they are used for "other things" a lot.

So now one (I guess its me) has to put things back to the tags which
should be used the things for they were invented and not for the things
users use them as "works for me".

So far this quick shot.


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